Elton Costello

Easy Company are the new Band vs Band returning champion. Yesterday they debuted 3 tracks from their new EP Hello World, and our audience was excited to hear more. This north Jersey rock band have been on the station for over year with previous releases, so they are gonna be a tough band to knock out of the top spot. Make sure you go to their Reverbnation page and pick up the new EP. Also, follow the band on Facebook and Twitter to receive updates about their upcoming winter east coast tour and check out their new video for La Di Da.


Steven Sean Cohen and the Elton Costello Band are today’s challenger and a great new addition to our lineup. Steven has 8 releases in his discography and they range from a solo piano to folk to electronica. You can find the entire collection at eltoncostello.com, including his latest album, Summer Jams, released this past August. This Friday the band will be playing The Legendary Dobbs along with East of the West, Hey Sugar and The Beavers. Tune in today to see if The Elton Costello Band can take out our champs.


We’ve got 3 songs from both bands on today’s Gashouse Live at 6pm ET. We need you to listen closely to each song and use the thumbs up/down buttons on our player page to give us your honest opinion of each track. These votes will determine which band comes back tomorrow to face a new challenger. In addition to Band vs Band we’ve got new music from KeroDean,  and . So tune in and join us in the chat room!