Hudson K have certainly found a home here on Gashouse Radio. Today will be their 5th straight appearance on Gashouse Live’s Band vs Band. They may even have enough wins to be in the Tournament of Champions this coming December. I think it’s because their sound is a little different then some of the other talent on our station. Hudson K are a synth rock duo out of Knoxville, TN. Everything we’ve heard on their new album Ourboros and the Black Dove (available on Bandcamp) has been fantastic, and the band is now a part of our regular rotation.


Elsinore are an alt-rock band out of Champaign, IL. At the beginning of October they released their album Push/Pull which is available on vinyl and digitally via their Bandcamp page. They have a quite an extensive discography, and after their 2005 release the band changed up their sound from more of an Americana style to what you will hear today on Gashouse Live. Currently on tour, this band will be at Kung Fu Necktie on November 19th.


Today at 6pm Et on Gashouse Live we’ll be playing 3 songs from each band. We need you to listen carefully to each, and use our thumbs up/down buttons to share your opinion. These votes will determine which band will come back to the show on Monday to face a new challenger.