The Unknown

We have a new Band vs Band champion! Yesterday on Gashouse Live, Hudson K defeated 5x champion Easy Company. This is a synth rock duo out of Knoxville, TN with a really awesome sound. Whenever we get a band in that has such a unique sound, they tend to last quite a long time in the Band vs Band segment. Check them out at, Facebook, and Twitter. Also if you’re in the Knoxville, TN area, they’re playing the Preservation Pub along with Hiding Scarlet on October 31st.


The Unkown are a trio out of Drums, PA looking to take down our current champions. Currently on the Anger Management tour, The Unknown’s leader Jonny Be has a ton of previous experience in the industry. He’s a Warped Tour veteran, he’s played with MxPx and The Unkown may be his best work to date. They have a new album out available on iTunes and Amazon. Follow them on Facebook and on Twitter for upcoming show dates.


Today at 6pm ET on Gashouse Live we have 3 tracks form both bands. We need you to listen carefully to each, and use our thumbs up/down buttons to share your opinion. These votes will determine which band comes back tomorrow and faces a new challenger. In addition to Band vs Band, we have new music from Linus in the Sapphire, Elisa Lovelie and Universe. Plus, RonBomb will be in studio. So tune in, and join the show in our chat room!