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Review: I Love You (single) by Cass Dillon


Official rating: 10/10

Cass Dillon is a Bronx based actor, artists, songwriter, singer, producer who just released his latest single

entitled “I Love you (2013). His sound is a hybrid of contemporary R&B fused with touches of Maroon 5/

James Blunt Train-esque instrumentation. I Love you is a short but sweet song with well-appointed,

commercially viable vibe with strong vocals, tight harmonies and a consistent groove. Dillon’s vocals are

finely balanced within the mix, and his range – which includes an especially appealing higher register, is

artfully defined while still laying nicely in the pocket. With this track, all instruments are showcased as a

genuine contender within their class of electro-infused neo-R&B. I Love You is a true to form pop song that

successfully captures the vintage love song dynamic, without falling into the vocalist-with-supporting-
arrangement trap. Throughout the piece one will notice a tragic-pop sweetness and blooming hooks all the

while maintaining an intimate “un-plugged” feel. “I Love You” is undeniably love based with an Autumn-New

York vibe courtesy of an irresistible snare shuffle and Coffee House flavoring. This song is more than ripe

for a licensing deal. Dillon is still young and has a good Italian look. He almost looks like the nephew of JFK

Jr. In “I Love You” there is no overdubbing or disappointingly amateurish mixing with a disingenuous attempt

at making a hit. I Love You is a high-quality, clean recording that balances out both natural and midi sounds

flawlessly. There’s a slight distinct compression that isn’t too intrusive through i-pod head phones, but this is

noticeable through high-end speakers and may be worth addressing. Maybe the snare is too sensitive.

Dillon’s vocals need less sheen and more attention to low-end. The rhythmic base is a bit under-served in

the mix and would benefit from having his drum tracks cut through the mix more. Dillon has a great deal of

potential for widespread appeal, as “I Love You” picks up steam this year. As a whole, it’s an impressive

song within this over crowded genre. (I’m secretly hoping he ends up being swayed by a Movie Music

Supervisor as I can here this as a theme song for a Prime Time TV series). Cass Dillon has as bright a

future ahead of him, even brighter than his past. After all he knows some big people in New York ~ I’ll leave

it at that. I Love You proves that with continued dedication and a powerful song a dream can be fully

realized thus bringing even more commercial success to artists——-that truly deserve it.

Written by Marc Rambis. Edited by Michael Rand.

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