top-10-logo[1]Everyday at 5am and 5pm ET we air the Top 10 Countdown. This show plays the 10 highest voted songs from the past 4 days. Our listeners are the only ones who decide which songs get played, so you can be assured that you will some of the best songs Gashouse Radio has to offer.


Now that September is over, let’s take a look at the highest voted songs from last month:


itpow1. Hypoxia – In the Presence of Wolves


2. Sweet Mary – Zer0


3. Casino – solus rex


4. Olympic Torch – The Lost Will Follow


5. Delirium – Zymotic Flow


6. I Wanted – WaveRadio


7. Arrival – Preacher


8. PORNO – Miremonos


9. Mr. Smith – The Defused


10. Thought and Commonsense – Cheers Elephant