Yves Jean

The Tournament of Champions continues at 6pm ET today on Gashouse Live! We’ve picked the 20 highest voted bands of the year on Gashouse Radio and put them together in a single-elimination bracket to determine which band is our listeners favorite in 2013.


Everyday we will match up 2 different bands until we narrow them down to 1 winner. The final match up will take place on December 30th, but we’ve got a lot of matches before then! Lets take a look at today’s bands:


Easy Company: This north jersey band has a new album called Hello World in heavy rotation on Gashouse Radio. They’ve got 3 great shows in late December; 12/21 at Arlene’s Grocery, 12/27 at Shady Katie’s and 12/28 at The M Room. That’s 3 chances to check out this great band in person. Go to their Facebook page to keep up to date on the band.


Yves Jean: We’ve had Yves album Hope for the Best…But Expect Nothing in rotation since July. This Pittsburgh artist does not have any current shows listed. That is probably because, according to his Facebook page, hes looking to go back to the studio. Check out some great videos on his Youtube and tune in today at 6pm ET.

Well be playing 3 songs from both bands. We need you to vote for your favorites using the thumbs up button (thumbs down do not count during the tournament) located on our player page. Your votes will determine which of these 2 move forward in the tournament to face The Good Excuses on December 6th.


In addition to the Tournament of Champions, we will be giving away 2 tickets to the Thanksgiving Eve Triple Release show at the TLA! In the Presence of Wolves, Zymotic Flow, Devise, Rowboat Casino, The Electric Boa, and Joey Ditullio will be sharing the stage. All you have to do to enter our drawing is to Twitter/Facebook using hashtag #triplerelease. That’s it! We will be drawing a winner live on tonight’s show. So tune in!