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Infinite Release (EP)


This is such a complex, amazing and dramatic album what else can I say in the end? The Infinite Release by Layers and Frames (Frederic Brewer) is more than amazing and dramatic, it’s also extremely suspenseful and somewhat comical. It has a very quirky-dark quality to it as well The intro track “Crossing” gives you the impression as if you were in some noir, Hitchcockeran movie. The really dark, yet emotional charged synth leaves you breathless.

The music reminiscent of acts such as Julianna Barwick, Ben Frost and Oneohthrix. Layers and Frames  has a  really strong tonality foundation coupled with unusual rhythms, hypnotic piano and spaced out goodness. The vocals from Brewer are interesting. If these tracks were more rocked out I could hear Primus, Gorillaz or even The Bloodhound Gang performing them. That’s how crazy they are. Without a doubt, it’s impossible to deny the superiority of this band consisting of Brewer.  It’s epically, quirky and you got this feeling as if you are in a funny nightmare. The drums and the bass lines just help push the album forward, and the vibe, if you pay attention carefully, has a really odd, mysterious, X-File sort of vibe.

As the EP evolves it showcases some dramatic combinations or Jazz like guitar and Electonica overtones on tracks like “Lovely Seeds” and “Take Control” The piano/vocal combos has an important role on some pieces as well.  On many this tracks as a producer Brewer is clearly in charge of giving the mood assigned to each song. The addition of the ambient tidbits every now and then gives many song a jazzy yet ambient/eletronica touch.

My favorite track is “by far Take Control.” In conclusion, here’s an EP release I’ve been dying to get my hands on for a while. I was just unable to stumble across him until today. It’s also very subliminal, and a grand concept that’s sure to get many peoples attention. From the production level, to the musicianship involved, Infinite Release by Layers and Frames delivers in grand fashion.  Let’s also give credit to the evil genius behind all this shall we? With the advent of Frederic Brewer’s superlative signature sound via his trademark moniker (Layer and Frames) everything here works terrifically well. It will keep you in a state of wonder from start to finish. Recording Artist, Writer, Producer, Performer—Frederic Brewer. Bravo, I say!


Rating 8/10 Stars


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Written by Christopher Eaton. Edited by Heather Savage

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