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(NORWICH, ENGLAND) 3 piece rock band Twisted Piglet will be releasing their upcoming CD “Eternity” in the spring of 2014. Band members are:  Brodie Payne (Guitar, Vocals), Stacey Payne (Keys) and Paul Reeder (Drums).


Let me start by saying Twisted Piglet is an amazing band well on their way. They have already received critical acclaim from many prominent music critics from around the globe thus far. Reading from their bio  Twisted Piglet is a pulsating mix of Keyboard, Drums & Guitar mixed with verve and passion who’s songs and energetic performance are sure to leave the audience shouting for more!” They have gigged all over from Norwich to Serbia and along the way they’ve supported some amazing people/bands such as Scouting For Girls, The Hoosiers, Lulu, Rick Astley and Bruce Foxton with From The Jam! In recent times they even represented Norwich at Exitfest Serbia where there was an amazing 250,000 people in attendance.


Finally they recently signed to SPECTRA RECORDS. All of this looks like upward mobility to me. “Eternity” comes on like a fireball with “Walk on by” a great opener with an establish groove and stellar pop laden chorus. Track 2 “Brighter on the Other Side’ is my favorite track presents a power rock trio staple meets rock with a lot of power, confidence and defiance. Just when you thought you had this band pegged you are exposed to track 3 “Kings and Queens Heal Me” which has everything the title implies lyrically and just has a strong ring of truth to it. “God I Love You” is another fantastic number that will remind you of Radiohead and combines all past influences, and is by far a foundation love song for the album. Finally they reveals even more on “Run for your Life” and “Kids” Here the let it rip.


I like everything about Twisted Piglet. “Eternity” is a good CD. It has power, intrigue, sap, dance songs, rock anthems and emotional power. At the end of the day it shows a lot of depth and promise as these guys attempt to conquer a cult fanbase in the UK. One thing that impressed me is them is they have just enough Modern Alternative Rock exposure  to have an  impact on the (Modest Mouse, Muse, Radiohead) fans and enough pop exposure for the (Oasis, Blunt) fans. This is actually a brilliant move and an amazing balance.


Twisted Piglet doesn’t put all their cards on the table right away but perhaps just enough to lure your interest. As the CD moves forward you get more and more impressed with them . Whether it’s by design or by chance the approach is brilliant. “Eternity” can be regarded as a seed skillfully planted by Twisted Piglet” in the hearts of those who have been waiting patiently for them to arrive. .

Score: 9/10 Stars

By Janne Zawa

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