Below is a list of the Top 10 songs of October on Gashouse Radio. Make sure you vote on every song you hear to make sure your favorite independent artists get noticed!


On the player page of our website there are thumbs up/down buttons; a very unique feature Gashouse Radio has over traditional radio. Our listeners use these buttons all day long to share their opinion of each song. These votes go into a database and we use that information to program our music, contests, etc.


Everyday at 5am and 5pm ET we air the Top 10 Countdown. These are the current highest voted songs on Gashouse Radio. Tune in and hear what our listeners are responding to the strongest. Heres a look at the highest voted songs from last month:


top-10-logo[1]1. 13 MenJohnny Neutrino and the Secret Weapon
2. Trauma QueenZer0
3. RiseAmelia Scalies
4. Turn it OnHudson K
5. 1984The Defused
6. Like I DoThe Fables
7. FuegoEasy Company
8. FiascoEdelweiss
9. PrisonerWaveRadio
10. Everyone You KnowAwait Rescue


Congrats to these bands for having the top 10 songs of October, 2013. Tune in to the Top 10 Countdown everyday at 5am and 5pm ET. Also, check out Gashouse Live weekdays 6pm ET for brand new music and entertainment all week!