Naked Lunch

When we last left the Band vs. Band segment on Gashouse Live (weekdays 6pm ET) Tungsten had just picked up their second straight win. This leaves the Philly hard rock band in an interesting situation. If Tungsten can win 3 more in a row, they will have enough to enter our Band vs Band Tournament of Champions starting next week! Their debut album the Reservoir will be released this January, but you can sample 3 tracks on tonight’s show. Go to for more info on the band.


Naked Lunch debuted on the station back in August. This UK band has a long history, dating back to 1976. Their story is too much to try and sum up in a few sentences, I highly recommend you rad more at Basically the bands aim was to do something different and build on the influences of early electronic music and also punk, creating a new form of electronic music. They’ve had several releases in the past, several record deals, several tours. A rich history for this band, and today you will hear 3 songs from their latest evolution.


Today on Gashouse Live at 6pm ET well be playing 3 songs from both bands. We need you to listen closely and let us know what you think about each song using the thumbs up/down buttons on the player page and on our Android/iPhone apps. These votes will determine which band comes back tomorrow to face a new challenger. In addition to the Band vs Band segment, we have new music from Kid Felix, and Sons of Hippies. Tune in, and be a part of the conversation in our chat room!