Band vs Band
We started the 2013 Band vs Band Tournament of Champions with the 20 highest voted bands of the year. After 6 weeks and 18 heartbreaking eliminations we are down to the final 2 bands; Magnificent Birds of Prey and The Lost Will Follow.
Both of these bands won 15 straight Band vs Band matches earlier this year. Both of these bands have played our live acoustic shows. Both of these bands have been in studio numerous times and we’ve seen both of these bands live in many different venues around Philadelphia. Needless to say this will be a very exciting match up.
The Lost Will Follow and Magnificent Birds of Prey will be playing a show together on January 18th at Grand Fromage down in Atlantic City. Also playing this show are WaveRadio, Amber Ladd, Terrible Friends, Last Great Hero, For What Its Worth, Ego Alien, Angry Bears and Hot Breakfast.
Make sure you tune in to Gashouse Live tonight at 6pm ET to help determine our 2013 Tournament champion! All you have to do is listen to each song with us, and if you like it, click the thumbs up button. That’s it. After 3 songs from both bands, we will tally your votes and the band with the most will be crowned our champion. Each member of the winning band will get these incredible champion rings, and of course bragging rights for all of 2014.
In addition to the Tournament, we have Andrew of Leo Minor and Ron Bauman joining us in studio. Plus we will be debuting the music of Lör, and a new one from . Tune in, 6pm ET, join the chat and be a part of the show!