the good excuses

This weeks featured band will be joining us December 14th at The Legendary Dobbs for the Amber Ladd Release Party!


In an industry filled with rock n roll clones, The Good Excuses have managed to carve out a sound all their own. This Philadelphia 4-piece formed in 2011, and released their debut album this past summer. 30 Minutes or Less has 11 songs tracks full of awesome. They’ve been in regular rotation since their debut, and Einsteins Bully is one of the highest voted songs of the year.


Formed in 2011, The Good Excuses write music much like a six year old dresses himself.Four unusual people excited by the freedom they have to write varying degrees of unconventional music. Maybe you’ll like it?


On December 14th The Good Excuses will be joining The Defused, In the Presence of Wolves and Amber Ladd for the first Gashouse Radio show at The Legendary Dobbs. This is the celebration of Amber’s new album, so we needed a fun, energetic band like The Good Excuses to help celebrate the release.


So tune in all week to hear The Good Excuses in heavy rotation. We will play a track at the beginning of every Gashouse Live (weekdays 6pm ET) as well. Grab their new album on iTunes, like them on Facebook and come join us 12/14 at The Legendary Dobbs!