kalance theory

The Tournament continues today at 6pm ET on Gashouse Live! 20 band are fighting for the honor of being our 2013 Band vs Band Champion. And lets not forget the awesome champion ring that each band member gets with a win. The best part about this tournament (that runs all of December) is that you are guaranteed awesome music from both bands. These are the best of the year on Gashouse Live. Lets look at today’s match-up.


The Mainestreet Band: This 5-piece from South Jersey have been a part of Gashouse Radio for a long time. We were certain this band would end up in the retired champion circle, but they fell just a little short. Now is their 2nd chance for the coveted title of Band vs Band Champion! We’ve got some brand new live tracks from their show at World Cafe this past summer. Go to themainestreetband.com for more info and to sample tracks.


Kalance Theory: This is the first band in the Tournament to face a second opponent. This duo defeated WaveRadio in the first round of the tournament. Their EP I’m Ok is in regular rotation and has been for most of 2013. Tune in today at 6pm ET to see if Kalance Theory can move on to the “Elite 8”. Go to KalanceTheory.com for the latest news and releases.


Today we’ve got 3 songs from each band. We need you to listen to each song, and use the thumbs up button (thumbs down votes do not count during the tournament) if you like what you hear. Your votes will determine which band will move on to face The Lost Will Follow on December 16th.