tournament of champions

The deeper we get into December, the harder it is to see each one of these bands go in the Band vs Band Tournament of Champions (click to see bracket). Today, we’ve got 2 very different, equally impressive bands facing off head to head at 6pm ET. Both bands are looking to move ahead in our tournament. Both bands are after that coveted champion ring. Lets take a look at the challengers


In the Presence of Wolves: With only 2 songs in rotation, In the Presence of Wolves have made a huge impact on our listeners. Their progressive rock sound set them apart from most other bands on the station, and their above-average musicianship is quite obvious from the recordings. This Saturday night ITPOW are playing the Amber Ladd Release Party at Dobbs (upstairs). Check them out on Facebook for more info and show updates.


Hudson K: This Tennessee duo already defeated Solus Rex earlier in the Tournament to get to this position. Their sound is dark, yet danceable synth rock. Usually the band can be found touring all along the east, but right now they are going into hibernation to work on some new material. If you are not yet familiar, get familiar at!


So tune in today at 6pm ET to help determine which of these 2 great bands move on to the next round of the tournament. We will play 3 songs from each band, and all you have to do is click thumbs up during a song if you like it (thumbs down votes do not count during the tournament). After 3 rounds of voting, the band with the most thumbs up will move on to the next round.


And of course as always we will bring you the latest independent music. We will keep you up to date in the world of music, and we might even keep you entertained from 6pm all the way to 10pm ET. The Stoner Jesus show follows us every night at 10pm ET, so make sure you tune in to Gashouse Radio, and leave it on all day and night!