the lost will follow


This is like when Spock and Captain Kirk were forced to battle each other to the death. At least I think so, I’ve never actually seen a Star Trek but I know that happened at some point. The 2013 Band vs Band Tournament of Champions continue on Gashouse Live tonight at 6pm ET, and 2 bands that are very much friends will battle to the death.


The Defused very much deserve a spot in these semi-finals. They are one of the most-requested bands of the year. They are awesome live, and they are big supporters of the station. January 11th see them at Hot Shots in Westville, and go to for more info.


The Lost Will Follow have the highest voted song of the year. They are a hard working band, who can often be seen on the same bill as The Defused. Look for a new album from TLWF very soon. December 28th they will also be playing Hot Shots in Westville, NJ. Go to for more info.


We have seen these bands play many shows together, but tonight it is every band for themselves. Both very deserving bands, but only 1 will move on to the final round of the Tournament to face Magnificent Birds of Prey. I really think both bands have a 50/50 shot at this one.


Tune in today at 6pm ET for Gashouse Lives Tournament of Champions. We will play 3 songs from each band, and we will need you to vote thumbs up if you like a song (thumbs down votes do not count during the tournament). These votes will determine our finalist! In addition to the tournament, we will be debuting the music of Paige Michael. Tune in and join the chat room!