tuval cainTuval Cain releases “Forging the Future”

Rating – 7/10


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Tuval Cain is her with their 2013 release “Forging the Future” Overall Internet presence is slowly taking shape as I learned a lot about them even before I hit play. Band members include: David Lawrence Kuhn: primary composer, lyrics, and keyboards, Dor Nagar: Lead vocals, Avi Singolda: Guitars, Ido Maimon: Drums and percussion, Noam Hartman and Adam ben Ezra: Electric bass, Shaul Barkan: Alto and tenor sax, Udi Perlman: Flute, Produced, Arranged, Recorded and Mixed by Noam Hartmann and Avi Chen.


Right from the start I can hear influeces from of course Jethro Tull, Santana. Rare Earth, Uriah Heep, Premiata Forneria Marconi and Rainbow. “Forgingt he Future” marks the band’s debut release and follows the same format as most Progressive Rock albums from the 70’s especially from UK bands. The big difference her is Tuval Cain is actually from Isreal. How fascinating. The CD hits the deck running and doesn’t look back with a series of strong powerhouse songs “Nomad_, “Wandering” and Spiral Down” All three pieces are also somewhat  reminiscent of White Lies, The Wombats, Blur, Peter Murphy. The guitar/ beat/voice combo are well paired with the songwriting skills of Kuhn makes for a rather strong culmination of skill sets. The feel of these 3 openers are dreamy yet thick nonetheless.


Track 4 blew me away “Power” and is my favorite track on the whole CD. Vocals from Nagar are perfect. He’s got all the tenacity and passion required of an effective front man and his timber reminds me of Ian Gilliam (Deep Purple),.Lyrics (also available on the site) are very well thought out and put together. I was instantly hooked to keep listening. Subject matter is equally tied to musical setting and delivers well-crafted vocals and emotional tranquility. Equal parts heartfelt emotion and soaring guitars. Kuhn paints images in creative, yet relatable ways. It’s evident to the ear that much time has been invested in crafting each song to stand on its own, separate from the next. The overall mix dynamics offer everything you would expect. Track 10/11 seem to go in series “Jonah’s Doubt” and Jonah” are both amazing tracks.


All of these 13 songs refuse to sound like a bare-bones PC recording, or even a vintage live performance. This contributes to the overall impact of the song. As I made my way from start to finish, there is a near-perfect tonality that was definitely palpable and full of soul stirring passion. The voice of Nagar is brilliantly unique in this regard. God broke the mold when they made his vocal cords. All songs moved well – constant and similar in consonance. Most certainly Kuhn and company have a knack for crafting imagery and exotic instrumentation to complement Nagar’s vocal style, Which made it so surprising there was such little use of minor and dissonance. Vocally I don’t think he’s for everyone – however if you can appreciate older music art for older music art’s sake he’s well suited for this style of music.


Though not overly distracting, his voice  was indeed likeable but will fail to completely fit in within a mainstream audience. Because of the older sounding format of the music I believe many will fail to identify with Tuval Cain. If this CD would have been released 40 years ago these guys would no doubt be millionaires. Having said that this CD barely makes a SEVEN of TEN. Overall, this is a very fascinating “shapshot” of a colossal musical project based out of Israel. I give everyone an “A” for effort but a C+ For execution in part to the “old format.”


It was an absolute pleasure to get into the mindset of Kuhn, and listen to what he was trying to tell the world. He is armed with great writing, a brilliant creative mindset, and powerful message no doubt many rocking old timers will love. Tuval Cain is highly contagious project and a welcomed advent to this cut-and-paste industry.


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Rick Bruton, approved by Joshua Beach. Posted by Michael Morrison (UK)

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