coco butter bandTonight on Gashouse Live, in addition to the giveaways, new music, and mind-blowing conversation, we have Coco Butter Band joining us in studio!


Coco Butter Band came in a few months ago (the first band to bring a full drum set in studio) and they sounded awesome. We saw them at Connie’s Ric Rac in September, and they sounded even better. Tonight at 6pm ET, we will talk to these some more, and maybe get a song or 2 out of them.


If you are not yet familiar with Coco Butter Band, they are a duo form the Philadelphia area with the coolest bluesy-funk sound. Two very talented guys that are so much fun to see live. After their in-studio visit, they are headed down to Memphis, TN for the 2014 International Blues Challenge.

coco butter band

We will hear more about that on Gashouse Live, 6-10pm ET. In the meantime, check out for more upcoming shows, and tune in tonight! In addition to Coco Butter Band, we will continue The Radar with 5 brand new bands, and 2 band returning from yesterday’s show:


Monet9This is not monet9’s first time on Gashouse Radio, but they have a new album that we are very interested in hearing. This band has quite a discography which you can check out at


 Mark Pinkus: I started composing at the age of 7 when a cat walked on a windowledge during a thuderstorm. I”m releasing my 9th original solo piano album in the new age/contemporary instrumental style. I take care of all the business regarding my music and I love both the creative and business sides to music.


Black Checker: A band from Washington, DC. Specializing in catchy blasts of punk pop served via true barroom grit.


: started when the Philadelphia based band Phantasm spontaneously combusted leaving only a pair of New Balance sneakers and a puff of smoke. Steve and Jay took a long walk in those sneakers and Wonder and Fury was the result.
Wonder and Fury is my favorite band in the world.


2012 Jersey Acoustic Music Award Winner for Best Vocalist, has a traditional and gospel influenced alternative/americana sound that has come from years of listening to artists like Neil Young, The Rolling Stones, and Bruce Springsteen.


Kink_Ador_Free_World.170x170-75Kink AdorDay 2 on The Radar for this Nashville band. Very impressive on stage, and the album is equally great. If you get a chance, go see Kink Ador. They are a hard working band so chances are they will be in an area near you soon.


Skinny Cool Kid: Now the 6th straight appearance on the Radar. We grabbed the other 2 of the 5 songs off the No Risk EP for the show today. This West Chester singer-songwriter has cemented a spot in our rotation, and I believe we will be seeing him in studio soon.


So be sure to tune in to Gashouse Live tonight 6-10pm ET. Live performances, new music debuts, giveaways and much more. There is always an interesting conversation happening in our chat room. You can even program some of the music using our auto-request