prize packJoin us again tonight at 6pm ET for another arousing episode of Gashouse Live. Informative discussions, unpredictable conversations, and plenty of new music. Plus, we’ve got tickets (and merch) to giveaway to Amelia Scalies at World Cafe Live this Sunday, 1/12.


All week we will continue to build our playlist of story songs. These are songs that tell a story from beginning to end. Now I know most songs tell a story, but specific story songs are pretty easy to spot (think Billy the Kid by Billy Joel, or Carolina Drama from The Raconteurs).


And of course we will be playing the third round of our new segment The Radar. You will hear 5 or 6 brand new songs and we want your opinion! Whenever you hear a song, please use the thumbs up/down buttons to share your opinion. These votes will determine if any of these artists are played in The Radar again tomorrow. Your votes also determine the amount of airplay each song receives. Here’s a look at today’s artists on The Radar:


Skinny Cool Kid: Back again today, this singer-songwriter from West Chester took the top spot in voting on yesterdays show. Check out Skinny Cool Kids EP No Risk, available on Bandcamp.


Bullshed: Smooth vocals, creative lyrics and a collaborative instrumental sound. They have performed at many great venues and played with many great St.Louis bands.


Mainestreet Band: Already a regular in rotation and in-studio, Mainestreet Band have a new album recorded live at World Cafe back in June. Go to to pick up your free copy. They’ve got a string of shows in Millville, NJ lined up to raise money for a new album coming later this year.


Dialogue From A Silent Film: A haunting, uncanny sound suitable to accompany a cinematic dream. Informed by the immersive multi-sensory rush of shoegaze, post-punk’s exercises in light-and-shadow extremes, and the high melodrama and on-point melodicism of Britpop and early glam rock, it’s sound that perfectly matches the wonderful mystery of the band’s home base of New York City.


Bree and the Whatevers: Another artist that debuted on yesterdays show. Our audience like their sound so much we are bring Bree and the Whatevers back for another round. Grab their new EP Live from the Bitter End on their Bandcamp page.


So tune in to Gashouse Live tonight and every weeknight at 6pm ET. You could win one of 2 Amelia Scalies prize packs (including tickets to World Cafe this Sunday). If you would like to join our conversations, don’t be shy, jump in the chat room.