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LABEL: Spectra Records

Rating: 7.5/10 stars

They don’t call it Psychedelic Rock for nothing. Whether my mood is upbeat or downbeat, serious or playful, extroverted or introverted, there are musical choices aplenty to complement, enhance or counteract it on this latest EP by Jumpship Astronaut called “Lights Burn Out.”

In my own words I’ll call it beat heavy, powerful, and uplifting. Jumpship Astronaut is as follows: Ryan Bryant on lead vocals and guitar, Chris Bourland managing the synths, Scott Dunn on bass as well as aiding with the synths, and Kris Davis on drums. On this 5 track set expect an electronic edged Alternative Punk Rock musical combination with an 80’s type zip. It has all the flavorings of reckless rock, punk rock that’s a bit out of control like a party, but, perhaps surprisingly for someone whose primary genera is Rock, the emphasis here is not on simple 4/4 rhythms shall we say. No Jumpship Astronaut dug a bit deeper than that and I can honestly say there’s not any band out there I can compare them to.

Early tracks “Romanticize” and “Something to Outrun” have a contemplative feel, becoming almost hypnotic and emotionally explosive in places. The rocked out textures of this 4 piece are especially clairvoyant. “Kaleidoscope” has a very psychedelic, progressive rock feel to it, lending more towards a Mono Puff feel but it could hardly be called mainstream. Some tracks are a bit emotional ”Ghost” is another refined staple that takes it up a few notches. My top track is a toss up between “Something to Outrun” and “Ghost.” Jumpship Astronaut at times reminds me of: The Pigeon Detectives, Miles Kane, Razorlight, The Vaccines and The Strokes but with a slight synth-pop edge, All tracks have a particularly steady-thrumming bass/keyboard/voice combo that adds firmness and tension where it needs to be. Vocals from Bryant are unique and off the hook.

All songs are a return to straight Psychedelic Punk Rock with a stuttering rhythm section underpinning some terrific work from all involved. Jumpship Astronaut are one Oklahoma based band who are paying their dues, beating the pavement and have played numerous shows around that region thus far. Did I mention they are now signed to Spectra Records? Why do I get the impression we’ll be hearing more from these guys real soon.


This EP “Lights Burn Out” will be a great pickup for cult followers, or if you’re in a tripped out mood or looking to instill a more 80’s electro grooved one. While this is music you could work or play to, it’s most suited to a more mind melding contemplation – just sit back and let it happen. Don’t tyro to define it – just become one with it. If you do this your senses will feel like they are drunk on life. Now isn’t that something we could all use a little more of in our lives right no? Jumpship Astronaut sets it all to well.


SOUNDCLOUD: soundcloud.com/jumpshipastronaut


Matthew Potter edited by Heather Savage.
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