music artistsThe music industry has evolved tremendously with the arrival of new technology. From vinyl records to compact discs, recording media have changed the way that music is distributed. The modern high tech age is all about digital production and technology. These days, music artists release their songs and albums in digital formats through online outlets that are compatible with desktop computers, laptops, tablet devices and smartphones. With the click of a single button, people can quickly purchase and download their favorite music and listen to it anywhere on the go.
Despite the age of digital music production and files such as MP3, some music artists continue to release albums and songs in traditional CD format. Having a compact disc gives certain music lovers a sense of nostalgia when turning on a CD player. However, there are some major differences when it comes to releasing music in digital and CD formats. A professional music artist needs to sign a deal with a record label company to release albums and songs to the mass market. Independent record labels usually work with underground and regional artists. Major record label companies have the resources to launch a music artist onto the global spotlight. However, the internet has made it easy for any talented singer or instrument player to release work without any record label deals.

Social media outlets allow anyone to virtually release music songs. In fact, most of the songs are in the form of videos that are uploaded to social media networks. Amateur singers can receive tremendous exposure on the internet if their videos go viral on the web. For example, a musician that receives hundreds of thousands of views on a music video uploaded to a social media site can quickly get the attention of sponsors and record labels. The bottom line is that great music by unknown artists can quickly spread on the internet. Social networking sites can be used to promote an artist as well. Professional profile information with pictures and other fun updates can easily appeal to a widespread audience. These days, amateur or emerging music artists don’t even need a manager to take care of all the promotions. A few social network posts are the modern forms of public relations for new music artists. Artist heather linkenheimer is an example of an emerging singer that uses internet networking to build up a successful musical career.

Underground music artists can also hand out free CD samples at local stores that sell music related items. Another option is to have the CDs sell for a lower price than the CDs released by mainstream artists in rock, pop and hip hop genres. The music industry is very competitive and therefore new artists need to make sacrifices and compromises on profits early on in a career.

Performing live at local venues is another important way for emerging music artists to break through. New artists start out small by performing at underground venues such as cafes and night clubs. In a matter of time, such artists can get the opportunities to perform at universities, sports arenas and stadiums. Sometimes, it also helps to perform for charitable causes at local parks and other public venues in a city. Music fans can appreciate new artists that care about the community and not just fame.