philadelphia radioPhiladelphia Radio Web Traffic Rankings may come as a surprise to many. Another clear indication that the future of radio is internet radio.


If you run a website, then chances are you are familiar with Alexa. Alexa is a tool that measures web traffic and ranks each website., for example, is ranked #1, Facebook is #2, YouTube is #3 and so on.


So I was curious as to Gashouse Radios rank, and more importantly how we compare to some of the other stations in Philadelphia. So I ran an Alexa comparison of the some of the bigger rock/alt-rock stations in Philly, and I was pretty happy with the results:


philadelphia radio
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Gashouse Radio is #2, only behind! That means we are getting more web traffic than both and! Granted, this is a measure of web traffic, not actual listeners, but this is an extremely important number. After all, do you think the trend in media is going towards the internet, or away??


I did leave off a bunch of Philadelphia radio stations, such as Q102 and Wired 96.5, but I was really only looking at what I consider to be competitors. If you’re ok with hearing Katy Perry and Lady Gaga 17 times a day, then our station is probably not for you anyway.


Considering we have 1/10000th the budget of any of the stations listed above, Id say we are in great shape. WMMR is owned by Greater Media, which owns 20 stations nationwide (and a dozen newspapers). Radio 104.5 is owned by Clear Channel, which is pretty much the King Joffrey of the music industry. And XPN has the power of UPenn behind them, so I would say we have definitely made our place in Philadelphia radio, and all by word of mouth.


Each month our station is growing, and it is thanks to all of you who check out the site, tune in to our stream, and participate. We cannot thank you enough for your support! Philadelphia radio web traffic rankings are not the end all be all, but they are a great indicator of how far our station has come in such little time. Thank you!