1 on 1 entertainment

We are happy to announce that we have formed a partnership with 1 On 1 Entertainment! This is yet another tool designed to help independent artists reach another level.


1 ON 1 Entertainment believes that all artists need to see themselves as entrepreneurs, CEO’s of their own businesses, with your music and online image as your products. To remain relevent in a very competitive industry, we’ll help you create a professional online image.


Whether you are a band that is just starting out, or you have been at it for years, your online image is extremely important. You need more than just a domain name that redirects to your Facebook or Reverbnation page. Your website is your introduction to the rest of the world, so you must use it to properly represent yourself!


1 On 1 Entertainment does just that. They will build your image online with both a website, and your social media accounts. There is a lot of competition out there, and you can’t afford to look amateur online if you are looking to take your music to the next level.


In addition to online marketing, 1 On 1 Entertainment can also help with licensing, online performance streaming, Facebook/Twitter branding, music reviews, and even logo design. They can be your music’s PR Company. They do not accept every client, so be assured that if you are accepted you will be receiving their full attention.


For a free consultation, visit their contact page. 1 On 1 Entertainment will give you a social media, website, or even music evaluation and determine what services are required to bring you to the next level.


Gashouse Radio is a station dedicated to supporting independent artists. Our new partnership with 1 On 1 Entertainment is just one more resource available to you as an artist to help bring your music career to the next level.


And look for more band resources in the very near future!