presidents day

Everything is free!! FREE entertainment, FREE music, FREE giveaways, and FREE beer! 


Well, the last part is a little iffy, but tune in to Gashouse Live tonight at 6pm ET and you will be entertained; that’s a guarantee. We have a lot to catch up on, since our last show was almost a week ago. We will be recapping the weekend, discussing the Tri-State Indie Awards, and taking a look at the handful of events coming up this week. Tuesday night we host the Open Jam, Thursday Rodger Delany will be in studio, and Saturday we have our showcase at Connie’s Ric Rac. Tune in to hear details about all these events.


And of course we have a handful of new music to share. Each day we debut a bunch of bands in our segment The Radar, and we ask your opinion on each song you hear. Use our thumbs up/down buttons to let us know what you think as you listen to each track. Here is a look at today’s bands:


: REVERBNATION PICK. thirsty. Thirsty for music that is both dangerous and danceable, refreshing as a mojito and as eye-opening as a whiskey sour. A cocktail party mix of reggae, punk rock, jazz, hiphop, and ska. The band is led by a three-piece horn section with roots in the highly-regarded Vancouver Island University Jazz Department, buoyed by a funky rhythm section that serves up sips of bubbling Hammonds and Wurlitzers, shots of distorted guitar, and heavy bass–in your face.  This is Dope Soda.


Hero Jr. is a 4 piece rock band from Indianapolis, Indiana. Carrying the torch of classic 70s rock Hero Jr. manages to inject a fresh and original sound.  The band’s 4th recording, Tower 18, is a direct response to their fans’ wishes for the raw sound representative of their live concerts. Tower 18 combines well written songs, dynamics, both emotional and face-melting performances, and, most importantly, the documentation of a touring band having a laugh for a couple of hours in the Fountain Sq. house the band has shared for over a year.  Hero Jr. will be playing selective shows until their spring 2014 tour kicks off in mid-March. Look for these guys in the Philadelphia are 2/27 at Connie’s Ric Rac, with an appearance on Gashouse Live that night as well.


: Known as the Weedy Guthrie of Weed.
Inventor of the world’s first Hookah Acoustic Guitar.
Stoner Extraordinaire.


: No info on the band at this time, other than they are from California.


Bill Wilson Jr: Making his second straight appearance on The Radar. Bill Wilson Jr has an indie sound that our listeners have found quite favorable. Tune in tonight at 6pm ET to see if Bill can make it 3 straight days on the segment.


The Shed Spiders:  REVERBNATION PICK. The Shed Spiders have unique and distinctive sound. The male and female vocal combination creates depth and warmth whilst catchy chord progressions are combined with distinctive string and piano melodies creating a sound that is altogether unique, interesting and special. Debut album “Nothing To Prove” is now available to purchase via digital download.


So tune in tonight at 6pm ET to Gashouse Live. It is Monday so that means Dave of Wooden HEZ (and star of the most recent episode) will be co-hosting. Plus Amber and Kelly will be taking over the last hour of the show.  Tune in, and join us in chat, it’s way more interesting than TV!