in the presence of wolves
We’ve got quite the show for you on Gashouse Live tonight at 6pm ET. Two different bands are coming in-studio, we have half a dozen new bands to debut, a craft-beer tasting, giveaways, and 420watch will bring you an hour of cover songs as well!


Saul and Phil of Overcoming Gravity will be stopping by to fill us in on their show tomorrow night at North Star Bar. They also have an album in the works so we will get an update on that as well. Plus we will get some updates on the other shows that Saul has put together with Gravity Given Productions. If you’d like to book a show with Saul, tune in tonight and join the chat!


Most Thursdays we invite a band in-studio to perform an acoustic set, and tonight we are very happy to have In the Presence of Wolves! This bands 2-song EP took our station by storm late last year. They were a part of our Tournament of Champions in December, and they opened up our first show at Dobbs in December as well. The crowd actually cheered after their sound check; that is how incredible this band is live. Tonight they will be promoting their show this Saturday, 2/8, at The M Room along with Ego Alien and StarSkream.


ITPOW are a heavy prog rock band, so it will be very interesting to hear these songs done in an acoustic setting. They are some of the best musicians in the Philadelphia area, so I’m sure this is going to be an awesome performance. Tune in and don’t miss this set! We will stream the video as well via YouTube Live. These guys are also beer aficionados, so we will be testing out some delicious beers as well.


And of course, round 3 of our segment The Radar takes place during every Gashouse Live. Here are the bands debuting on the station today, one of which will be making their 3rd straight appearance on the show:


Desperate Forben: We’re a new humour-rock band, and we wanna make you happy. We’re four handsome 20 year old guys in Liverpool, we have incredibly British vocals, and a fun vibe to everything we do. Our music’s a concoction of all the best things, check us out.


The After Hours: This is now the third straight appearance on The Radar for this Los Angeles four-piece. We havent had many bands make 3 in a row so far this year, so obviously this band is one worth checking out. Check out their Facebook page for more information.


: The Descenters are a lo-fi, post-punk, and electronic solo project currently based in Brisbane, Australia. Formed in 2010 by local writer and musician Matthew Stoff after several failed attempts to start a band, the act consists of dark, goth-infused alternative rock and synth-pop, influenced by bands like Queenadreena, Smashing Pumpkins, Joy Division, Xiu Xiu, and The Smiths.


Origami Horses: 3- Piece Alt-Rock band from Canterbury , England. Signed to Magnetic Eye Records Today we will be sampling 3 songs from their latest release “TRASHOLA!”, available in digi download, cd and vinyl format.


: The 3-song “The Orange EP” is the first release by rock musician/songwriter/producer Mick August, and was released on 11/4/13. Mr. August is a former member of the New Jersey based bands Vampire and The Holy Family. The 3-song self-released EP was written, arranged, produced, engineered, mastered and performed solely by Mr. August on a budget of “exactly $0.00”.


Lost Romance: Lost Romance is an alt-rock trio mixing punk with 90’s power pop. Formed in 2011 in New Brunswick, NJ they have been regularly touring all over the Northeast to a growing fan base. Their debut EP “The Light And The Dark” was released in 2013 on Los Angeles based indie label Starving Dog Records and was nominated for a 2013 Hoboken Music Award.


So do not miss the show tonight! Otherwise, everyone will be gathered around the water cooler tomorrow at work talking about this show, and you will feel like a total idiot for missing out! Interviews, live performances, new music and much much more. Gashouse Live, weekdays 6pm ET, on