radio roulette

Tonight at 6pm ET, do not miss Gashouse Live!


Every Thursday we have a different artist come in to the show for an interview and performance. Tonight we welcome our featuredartist of the week, Rodger Delany back in studio. Rodger is a big supporter of the show and one hell of a guitar player so it is always a good time when he sits in on the show. Bring questions and comments to our chat room! But that is not all we have lined up for tonight’s show.


The Radar, our segment where we feature the latest submissions to Gashouse Radio, will continue today. On Tuesday’s show, we had some tchnical difficulties so we are bringing back all the bands that debuted Tuesday for another round. Those bands include Layers And FramesHouse of Not, Curtis Jr and our returning champion . For more information on these bands, check out our post from Tuesday’s show.


Plus, Krantz will be back in studio. We will recap Tuesday night’s open jam at Dobbs and we will be playing Radio Roulette, which means you could win some big prizes just for tuning in. 420Watch will take over the last hour of the show with his Cover Song segment, and much more happening tonight! So join us at 6pm ET, only on