If you are checking out Gashouse Radio to discover new music, then our Top 10 Countdown, airing every single day at 5am and 5pm ET, is a great place to start. This show plays the 10 highest voted songs on Gashouse Radio of the past 4 days. So the top 10 songs are changing daily which gives us great variety, and a broad look at the music being submitted to Gashouse.


At the end of every month, we tally up the votes and put together the top 10 songs of the month. Here is a look at the Top 10 Songs of January, 2014:


top 10 songs1.  the oneAmber Ladd

2. Just Like MeSkinny Cool Kid

3. StrangeloveGlim Dropper

4. Prude Sister PamEast of the West

5. Mr. SmithThe Defused

6. SpentMagnificent Birds of Prey

7. Don’t Let Them WinAmelia Scalies

8.  Einstein’s BullyThe Good Excuses

9. DamageAbove Connecticut

10. Made MistakesLucks Lane


Congrats to Amber Ladd for grabbing the #1 song of January! Her track, the one, can be found on her new album eleKtro. Check out Amber live at The M Room on March 14th, and you can always request her music using our auto-request. Go to amberladd.com for more info.


Our listeners vote on every song that is played on Gashouse Radio, 24/7. Those votes go into a database that helps us determine amount of rotation. The songs listed above are the highest voted songs of the previous month. Make sure you tune in to Gashouse radio and share your opinion! You can determine which bands end up in the Top 10 Songs of February!