what's my line

Tonight on Gashouse Live our featured band of the week Wooden HEZ will be in studio. The band just got a new guitar player, and they are pretty sure we know who this is. So tonight at 6pm ET we will bring the new guitarist into our studio B, we will be blindfolded, we’ll disguise his/her voice and play a little round of What’s My Line to try and guess the guitar player.


And of course we’ve got a ton of music for tonight’s show as always. The bands debuting today in our segment The Radar include:


The Mumblecores: Having only been together for a few years, this band has the sound of a veteran alt-rock band. This UK band is now on their 3rd straight day on our segment The Radar. With only 1 song in rotation, that is a pretty impressive feat. Tune in tonight to see if The Mumblecores can make it 4 in a row.


: On “Join The Infestation”, Celleste has seamlessly blended her passion for edgy rock, with her love of “40’s-style” catchy melodies, to create a sound that is truly fresh, unique, and out of the ordinary. The result is an irresistible collection of nine hooky, in-your-face, and upbeat songs, whose clear intention is to get you moving, and crank up the volume.


Glenn Aitken Music: New Zealand born singer/songwriter. Plays Guitar, piano and saxophone. Currently based in London. He has quite a resume since moving to London. Check out his Facebook page for full details.


: Matthew Mirliani is an independent singer-songwriter. He reached the top 20 on the ReverbNation Alternative charts for Washington, D.C. Matthew has recently debuted on Gashouse Radio, and now we have a few new tracks from this artist.


Nikki Lerner: Nikki Lerner is an independent alternative/pop soul singer-songwriter based out of Baltimore. A successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter culminated in Nikki’s latest solo album, Longings, which was released in November 2013. Longings is an eclectic group of songs (combining elements of acapella, jazz, pop, r&b, and even drum & bass), blending Jill Scott’s silky vocals, Laura Mvula’s unique vocal and musical arrangements, and Bjork’s love of instrumental experimentation.


: Hold on to your butts, because this is Ten Minute Detour! A brand new band out of Calgary, Canada with major indie garage rock appeal with a lot of classic rock overtones. Their new 3 song EP, available for free on their Bandcamp, will definitely get you moving.


So tune in tonight, and join the chat! It’s better than anything you will find on TV. Interactive, live entertainment that brings you new music every single weekday. Gashouse Live, weekdays, 6pm ET, only on www.gashouseradio.com!