gashouse open jam

As you may know, The Legendary Dobbs hosts an Open Jam every Tuesday night. These open jams are a great way for musicians to network, and for bands to work out some new material in front of an audience.


The open jams are open to all musicians, and you certainly don’t have to be a musician to attend. There is no cover, and the drink specials make Dobbs a great place to spend your Tuesday nights. The host of the open jam rotates:


Zymotic Flow host every 1st Tuesday

Dr Beardface and the Spacemen host every 2nd Tuesday

Gashouse Radio host every 3rd Tueasday

Modern Colour host every 4th Tuesday


We are going to be offering a new challenge to the musicians each Tuesday there is a Gashouse open jam. The challenge is not mandatory, but there will be prizes involved to the winner each time. Each month the challenge will change, so always check in with us for the month’s challenge.


March Challenge


On Tuesday, March 18th we are challenging musicians to play their favorite opening track to an album. Usually this will be a cover song, but maybe you feel pretty confident with the opening track of your album.


For example, Cherub Rock is a great Smashing Pumpkins track that opens up the Siamese Dream album. Stinkfist is one of the best Tool songs, and it’s the first track on Aenima. Recently on Gashouse Live we put together a Youtube Playlist of our favorite opening tracks. Use this for ideas, or come up with your own.


When you play an open jam, generally you get to play 3-4 songs. So make one of them our challenge and you could win prizes.


We are working with sponsors to make this prize pack grow, and we will keep you posted on the prizes on Gashouse Live, weekdays 6pm ET.


So come out to the Open Jam at The Legendary Dobbs. Help make our night interesting by participating in the challenge!