philly music scene Tonight we are happy to have a few guests in studio to discuss the Philly music scene and a bunch of great events in the near future. Combine this withe some giveaways and some brand new music, and Gashouse Live, 6pm ET, becomes your source for independent music in Philadelphia.


First, Jim Cunningham and Saul Dratman will be stopping by the studio to discuss some of their upcoming events. If you’re not familiar, Jim and Saul run Forward Productions and Gravity Given Productions. You will find many of their shows at The M Room, and in the summer time they also book Dave & Buster’s Dockside Bar. Jim has a long history in the Philly music scene so you can expect some great stories along with a list of great shows in the future.


Then we have Jennifer Hillier of Fallen Angel Bookings in studio. Jennifer books shows at Shady Katie’s in Somerdale, NJ. In just a short time she has managed to make Shady Katie’s a prime spot for original music in NJ, and a great outlet for the Philly music scene just over the bridge. She also has a ton of great events coming up that we will be discussing, so make sure you tune in!


And of course, we’re bringing you a ton of new music. Here are the bands we’ve got for our segment The Radar:


: REVERBNATION PICK Young singer/songwriter, Margo Macero, has studied at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and now leads her musical career; “The Margo Macero Project.” Touring with motivated artists from everything to unplugged sessions to putting on a heck of a show.


: Emotionally-driven trip-hop is the London-based quintet’s weapon of choice and ‘You Will Go Again From Me’ sees the band take it a step further, weaving soulful and trippy textures that flatter Alla’s spectral high-ranging vocals.


philly music scene quinn archerQuinn Archer: Returning champion from yesterday’s segment, Quinn Archer remains on The Radar. This singer/songwriter, originally from London and now based in L.A., recently released her single Dark Places. That song was so well received that it shot to the top of our Top 0 Countdown (everyday at 5am and 5pm ET). Tune in to see if Quinn Archer can make it 2 in a row.


Skribe  This soulful garage folk duo cranks out a hard-edged blues sound that both pumps life into the old genre & blazes a new trail. Thanks for tuning into craft brewed independent music.


Sam Page:  Sam is already a regular on Gashouse Radio. This California songwriter releases one catchy tune after another. “Shine Your Little Light” is the third single from my forthcoming album. Tune in at 6pm ET to hear the new track, and follow him on Soundcloud for more releases


:  Raw recordings, noise and psych are the orders of the day. Their roots lie in surf sounds and early 90s US alt-guitar groove, which sit alongside an unmistakable Irish vocal;


: A new creative collaboration formed by a small group of musicians based in London and a Los Angeles producer/songwriter. Debut EP “The Way Though” coming out on iTunes in March.


Do not miss tonight’s show! There should be some great discussions on the Philly music scene and beyond. So participate in our chat room, and share your opinion on the music using our thumbs up/down buttons! Gashouse Live, weekdays 6pm ET, on


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