If you’re not into going out and drinking with the amateurs on St. Patty’s Day, celebrate with us tonight at 6pm ET!


We have a lot to discuss on Gashouse Live. This past weekend was packed with live music from all around Philadelphia. Dave of Wooden HEZ co-hosts with us on Mondays, and he is one of the bands that performed this weekend so we will be recapping all of the activities. Plus, we host the open jam at Dobbs tomorrow night, and we have something special planned…


You can count on two things with every episode of Gashouse Live; brand new music and lots of giveaways. Tonight we will be playing another edition of our signature game, bimbo bingo. This is an easy way to win some merch, and it’s a very entertaining game. As always, we’ve got a list of new bands to introduce you to on tonight’s show as part of our segment The Radar:


The Terribles: Our “returning champions” on The Radar, this Philadelphia band has already made quite an impression on our listeners. This is just a great rock n roll band, and we are looking forward to seeing them live real soon. This Thursday they will be at Hot Shots in Westville, NJ and April 4th they are playing the TLA. Check out their Reverbnation page to sample some music and get a full list of upcoming shows.


: REVERBNATION PICK Rodney Russell Clark, commonly known as “Wod Reiwdo” is a Artist, Storyteller, Songwriter, based in Philadelphia, PA. Born June 18 1989 this 24 year old gifted motivated outsider man decided to chase his dreams and refuses to let anyone stand in his way to success. He decided to name himself, “Wod Reiwdo” because of his speech implement. Also he states that ” People find him weird for not following what the world is doing.” He took the time to experiment his voice to create a raspy rock sound that led him into making alternative rock/pop music. He also raps and is not afraid to explore different music genre’s. Wod will create anything, as long there is a meaningful story or message to it.


: REVERBNATION PICK The Beavers, also known as the godfathers of “Adult Punk,” burst onto the Philadelphia music scene in 1997 with their debut cd “Sweeping the Elephant.” After a few releases, the band took an 8 year hiatus. The returned in 2008 and have been writing and touring ever since. In the last few years, they’ve released a concept album, a covers album, and their latest, The Luminous Splendor of the Colourless Light of Emptiness. Dwnload some tracks on their Reverbnation Page.


: REVERBNATION PICK Hot Tub Limo has been playing up and down the east coast since 2010. Based out of Maryland they are a very high energy group that loves to get the crowd involved in shows and have a great time on stage. They also do fundraising and charity shows for ALS, Relay for Life and Habitat for Humanity, Musicians on Call and other excellent causes. The band is booking with Gary Hutson and excited about playing new venues across Maryland, Delaware, DC, Virginia and Pennsylvania as well as our old favorites.


: Saints of Bliss – Introspective Emo/Pop/Punk/Rock (The Police meets Blink 182) melodic 3 piece outfit.


: Ummagma is a delightful ethereal ear candy swirl – a Canadian-Ukrainian duo comprised of Alexx Kretov and Shauna McLarnon. Ummagma’s musical style is vacillating and broadly influenced “easy positive music” with intense richly-layered landscapes of pulsating sound, a mixture of the ethereal with sublime resonance, beats and rhythm that effectively creates richly layered landscapes. While this music encompasses several genres of music – dream pop, progressive rock, post-rock, ambient/ethereal, shoegaze and post-punk – there is a common remarkable theme, elevating atmosphere and stirring effect in Ummagma’s music. They debuted several months ago on Gashouse, and I’m so happy we’ve got a dozen new tracks to add to rotation.


: This Philadelphia band personifies rock n roll. They too have been in rotation for a long time on Gashouse Radio. We’ve also had them in studio for an acoustic session, so look for some of those tracks in rotation soon. Today we have tracks from their brand new EP. You can find out more at thehydeband.com. We will definitely have these guys on a Gashouse show very soon!


Spend your St. Patty’s Day with Gashouse Live tonight starting at 6pm ET! Amber and Kelly will be taking over the last hour, from 9-10pm, and then of course Stoner Jesus will wrap up the last 2 hours of your Monday.