tonight, 6pm ET

Tuesdays are always a wildcard on Gashouse Live, so don’t miss tonight, 6pm ET. You never know who might stop by the studio, or what might be discussed.


I do know a few things for tonight. We will keep you updated with all the current music and entertainment news. We will be discussing and updating the section of our website called The Plan. We haven’t mentioned this part of our site for about 6 months, so it is way past due. I know we will be giving some things away in various games, and I know that we will be continuing our segment The Radar which means  you will have some brand new music from:


: On Ithenfal’s Wing is an alternative / progressive rock band with certain metal qualities founded in 2012. Begin a downtrodden being’s journey with recently self-released, semi-conceptual album — Key to Then.


: This is a very new Philadelphia trio, featuring Ben Geise of Glim Dropper on guitar. Their 10-song debut album, Real People, Not Actors, is now available on Bandcamp at a name your price basis.


Kenny Fame: Kenny, a singer/songwriter from NY and a regular in the chat room, is back on The Radar today. Kenny Fme debuted awhile back, and then added a few tracks this past Friday. His song Rejoyce was the highest voted song (and currently in the Top 10 Countdown). Check out his Reverbnation page for more info and songs.


: A Philadelphia based rock group, The Terribles are the embodiment of gritty, east coast, rock and roll. They have been recognized for their catchy choruses, clever lyrics, and upbeat attitude. We’ve been hearing some great things around the city about this band’s live show. See for yourself March 20th at Hot Shots in Westville, NJ. Also The Terribles will be opening for Scott Stapp on April 4th at the TLA.


: Greg Rekus recently finished stomping and driving west in Canada and the US going as far west as Victoria and as far south as San Diego, Ca. With less than a month’s rest he will hit the Eastern United States, United Kingdom, Mainland and eastern Europe as well as Finland. He will then be playing the Pouzza Fest in Montreal and Eastern Canada. Live, Greg’s act can be described as punk inspired riot folk that engages crowds of all ages around the world. The lyrical content stretches drinking in your favourite bar, to relationships, political jousting, life in general, and more. All this while strumming the hell out of an acoustic guitar and stomping the beat out on his custom built stomp box. Greg Rekus will be in Philadelphia on Thursday March 13th at Freedom 35.


Mike ColinAlternative/Indie/Electroacoustic Do-It-Yourself Music Artist from the Mile High City. >>>New Mega-Single (3 songs) on Zhitkur Roswell Records, Distributed by CDBaby<<<


So tonight, 6pm ET we will be paying some music from all of these artists. We encourage you to use our thumbs up/down buttons to let us know what you think of each. We use those votes to determine how often the songs are pyed in regular rotation. Your votes could also push one of these songs into the Top 10 Countdown (everyday at 5am and 5pm ET). We will be live from 6-10pm ET, so we will need plenty more music! Use our auto-request feature to help program the rest of the music for tonight, and join us in the chat room!