deborah bonhamArtist: Deborah Bonham


Label: Spectra Records


Genre: Blues Rock

Sounds Like: EarlyFleetwood Mac, Janis Joplin


From Redditch Worcestershire England comes Deborah Bonham, little sister of musical legend and icon John Bonham from the Mighty Led Zeppelin. Unlike her brother, Deborah does not have the same passion for drumming, instead she favors being a passionate, soulful, blues driven vocalist of which she performs excellently. Her latest album, SPIRIT is available now via online download and CD copies will be available April 28th.


One of the albums greatest strengths is its production. From Deborah’s Raw yet soothing voice, to her bands bluesy earthy tone. The album just sounds mystical, everything lending itself to one another in musical bliss. Her style to me is very reminiscent of early Fleetwood Mac with traces of Janis Joplin and Ann Wilson. All the tracks are sincere in their lyrical content, all having purpose and meaning no matter how relaxed the track is. Tracks to recommend are Fly, I Need Love, and Killing Fields. The opening track Fly is a steady rocking track featuring jamming slide guitar, and spirited vocals. I Need Love in my opinion offers the listener the full Range of what Deborah’s pipes have to offer and is just a beautiful song in general. Killing Fields offers us a great track simply asking “why do men do the things they do?” another example of Deborah’s vocal prowess and passion behind her songwriting.


To me this album is nearly flawless beginning to end and it pains that I have to go searching for anything negative to say about it. I had to listen to this album over and over tying to find one thing I didn’t like. I still haven’t found that thing. But casual listeners of music may find this album repetitive in its delivery and style. But I contest that this is a top notch Pure Rock n Roll album with emphasis on the word pure.


Overall I cant Recommend SPIRIT enough, it is an album of considerable excellence of which I have not heard in some time. It offers everything as far as mood, style, and originality is concerned and is comprised of everything a 70s style blues rock group should. If you want an amazing rock album you can come back to time and time again, then look no further than Deborah Bonham’s SPIRIT.




Patrick McGuinness. Approved by Heather Savage

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