On Monday, April 14th We Launch Our IndieGogo Campaign

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We need to raise a minimum of $5000 with IndieGogo to update equipment, order new merch, create budgets for promoting/advertising events and re-design our website. More importantly, this campaign will develop a base of advertising clients and create an even larger community of support. If you’d like to donate to help us reach our goal, that would be amazing. However, if you or someone you know owns a business and would like to get the word out to the entire Philadelphia music community (and beyond), Gashouse Radio is an affordable alternative for advertising.

About Us

20140413063937-GHR1In 2010, after 10+ years in the Philadelphia music scene, Jim Haas and Dustin Dellinger wanted to do something unique to help promote the scene. There’s some amazing talent in the area, but they were not getting enough exposure.  At the same time, the two were fed up with the current FM radio stations. Long commercial breaks and the same 5 song selection seemed to dominate the airwaves. And playing 1 local artist each week is hardly “supporting local music”.


So with almost a zero budget, Gashouse Radio was created. We are an internet radio station that believes independent artists deserve as much attention as mainstream. While fully licensed by BMI, ASCAP and SESAC, Gashouse Radio plays an equal ratio of independent artists and underplayed “mainstream” to properly introduce listeners to new music. In just 3 years we’ve managed to make some waves in Philadelphia music community. We’ve built a strong presence in the community and an even stronger social media presence. Earlier this year our station started getting more web traffic than some of the FM stations that have been around for 40 years! And we’ve done all of this on an extremely limited budget. Now, with the help of IndieGogo, it’s time we get a little capital together.


Where the Money Goes



We need to upgrade and/or replace most of of our in-studio equipment. Over the past 3 years, a ton of our equipment has been “lost” or damaged. Mic stands and clips are held together with tape, while some stands are missing all together. Cables seem to walk, or just stop working due to wear and tear. A big part of our show is our in-studio performances, and we need some upgrades in order to improve these sessions. In addition, the computer that runs the station is very dated. We’ve replaced parts of the computer, but it is past time we replaced the computer all together. We would also like to get another external hard drive to back up all of the music and files needed to run the station.


Website Redesign

We would like to completely re-haul the site. We want to make it even easier for listeners to tune in, and we feel it is time to refresh the overall design. On the back-end, we need to have some serious SEO work done in order to make sure that the station continues to grow. Plus, we would like to upgrade the stream to broadcast an even better sound quality. Currently we are 128 kbps, but we can do better!




We did a run of t-shirts last year, and we gave most of them away to our listeners. Now we’d like to open a store with t-shirts (both men and women) and much more. This could be a great revenue source eventually, but we need an initial order. Plus, new stickers, and banners for our live shows are desperately in need. In addition, we’d like to offer more high-end prizes on our shows such as Gashouse hoodies, flash drives, etc.




We need to grow in order to help you grow! Everything we have done in the last 3 years has been 100% grassroots, word of mouth. In order to reach the next level, we have to get the word out even further. We’d also like to setup budgets for Facebook and Google campaigns to help promote our live events. So this money will be directly invested back into the music scene in the form of advertising. If your band is on one of our shows, you can be sure we will make sure the room is packed.

Still not sure about us? Check out this video that Unsung Philly did about the station. Also,check out the article about us Geekadelphia.

By contributing to our IndeGogo campaign you are not just supporting the station, but you are making a statement. You are:

  • Supporting the independent artists that make up our station
  • Understanding that FM radio is the past, and internet radio is the future.
  • Finding a more effective, more targeted advertising option
  • Becoming a part of our listener community


indiegogoOther Ways You Can Help

If you don’t have the means to contribute to this IndieGogo campaign, you can still help us out. We need you to spread the word.
If you hear someone complaining about the current state of music, or FM radio, tell them about this campaign.
If you know a small business that would be interested in very affordable advertising to a young open-minded audience, spread the word!
If you just want to tune in and enjoy some new music and live entertainment, that would be helping us as well!


Thank you everyone for your support. We could not have made it these past 3 years without your efforts. We’ve made an impact in the music scene, we’ve created an interesting community of people, and we want to keep expanding our station!


*If you would like to advertise with Gashouse Radio, we can put together a custom campaign for your business. Please contact us and we will do everything we can to help promote your business/cause.