This week’s featured band, Rowboat Casino are playing the South St Spring Festival on Saturday May 3rd


It’s rare that we debut a band and make them the feature, but it is definitely time for us to get Rowboat Casino on air. This Philadelphia band has been a part of some major shows in Philly over last few months. We’ve been seeing their name all over Philly lately and now we finally have their music on Gashouse. This past weekend the band celebrated the release of their first EP (which is now in rotation on Gashouse Radio). stay tuned to their Facebook page fro more info on the EP and where you can get it.



From what I understand, Rowboat Casino is a must-see live show. Their hip hop sound has been engaging audiences since 2012, and you have a chance to see for your self this Saturday. Rowboat Casino will be  a part of the South Street Spring Festival. They will be closing out the 2nd Street stage around 7pm.


The music is going to be ridiculous for the entire South St Spring Festival, so you should be joining us all day. We will be stationed at the 2nd St stage all day, so we will be front and center when Rowboat Casino takes the stage.


So tune in all week to hear Rowboat Casino in heavy rotation. You will hear a track at the beginning of every Gashouse Live (weekdays 6pm ET) as well. More importantly, join us this Saturday, 5/3 for the South St Spring Festival! (Check out the full festival lineup right here).


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