Tonight, Gashouse Live (normally weekdays 6-10pm ET) will be very short episode as we head out to the Open Jam at 7pm


The bad news is that we are cutting Gashouse Live very short tonight. In fact, we will only be live for 1 hour. At 7pm ET we sign off, jump in the Gashouse mobile and head over to The Legendary Dobbs to host the Tuesday Night Open Jam. 

The good news is that the 1 hour show will be action-packed, the request line will be open for the other 3 hours of the show, AND there’s a chance that Eric of Zymotic Flow might be stopping by the show before joining us at Dobbs tonight.


Speaking of Dobbs, our open jam tonight will be action-packed as well! We’ve got a handful of artists coming out to jam, and it is Saul’s birthday! If you’ve ever been to an open jam at Dobb’s, then chances are you’ve seen Saul. Whether he’s just hanging out in support, or he is up playing bass/guitar, Saul is one of the biggest supporters of the open jams at The Legendary Dobbs. Come out and have a drink with us!


Sign-up to play starting at 8pm, and look for the music to start around 9pm. All musicians are welcome, first come first serve. Plus, we’ve got 4 featured performers tonight:


St. Maurice: A modern progressive rock band out of Spartansburg, SC, these guys are currently on a national tour. I’ve heard their live performance is very high energy, and you can expect an improvised jam to break out at any point. These guys are a perfect addition to our jam tonight.  Follow them on Facebook for more updates on the tour.


Milhaus: This is a Philadelphia alternative/grunge/punk/metal band who have made their way around the Philly area over the past 3 years. They’ve hit every venue in the area, but somehow we’ve missed them; until tonight. Sample some music on their Bandcamp page and join us at the open jam!


Matt Minigell: Matt was recently featured on Gashouse Live. He has several music projects in the works, but tonight we are going to see his solo work. This Massachusetts musician is also on tour, and after the jam tonight he will be heading down for a show in Atlantic City tomorrow night. Follow Matt and all of his various projects on his Facbook page.


Siiines: Yet another national tour stopping by the jam tonight! Siiines is what is known as “House and Roll”. “If Motley Crue, David Guetta, Nirvana and Deadmau5 had an orgy SIIINES would be the DNA left behind”. In February they released a new EP, Fukushimarama, and are currently touring the country. Go to to grab the EP and check out tour dates. Don’t miss this open jam appearance!


So tune in to the first hour of Gashouse Live, and then head over to The Legendary Dobbs for our open jam! And if you’re good enough, take our Open Jam challenge and your band might win a round of drinks on us.