open jam challenge at dobbs

The next Open Jam hosted by Gashouse Radio at The Legendary Dobbs is Tuesday, May 20th. If you’ve never been to one of these open jams, let me give you a quick rundown:


Every Tuesday night at Dobbs there is an open jam. It is a free event, all musicians are welcome. It’s similar to an open mic, only there is a full backline, so full bands are more than welcome. Or single musicians can come out and jam with others. It’s a great time, even if you’re not a musician. There are drink specials, great people, and a great time.


This month we have featured performances from Audio Kings of the Third World and The Trabants!


Each Tuesday there is a different host and Gashouse hosts the third Tuesday of the month. When we host, we put a “challenge” out to the musicians. You are definitely not required to participate in the challenge; it’s just a little twist we put on the night.


Click here for this month’s Facebook event page


This month’s challenge, being so close to Mother’s Day: Songs about Mom. We challenge you to write, or cover a song with Mom in the title. The first one that comes to mind is Danzig’s Mother, but believe me there are a ton of options for covers. At the end of the night we will pick our favorite, and the winner will eta  round of drinks on us.


So join us Tuesday 5/20 for the open jam challenge at Dobbs! These are great nights for networking, or for going out and enjoying some great original music.