gashouse acoustic compilation

You may have heard that we are running an IndieGogo Campaign to raise money for the station, and to build a clientele of advertisers.If you were to contribute to this campaign, you have a list of “perks” to choose from as a thank you. For a $10 contribution, you will get a Gashouse Radio button pin (which will get you discounts to certain Gashouse Radio events) and you also get a copy of the Gashouse Acoustic Compilation Volume 1. So what is this compilation all about?

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Every week we invite a band in studio during Gashouse Live for an interview and acoustic performance. Over the years, we’ve accumulated almost 200 songs that were recorded here in studio. So we picked some of the best ones and put together this digital compilation album. This album will only be available to those who contribute to this IndieGogo Campaign. The campaign ends on June 2nd, so if you want this album, contribute today!!

 1.  Rodger Delany – Without You
2.  Hero Jr – Tower 18
3.  The Silent Signals – Auria
4.  Terrible Friends – Don’t Rattle My Cage
5.  Even Man Out – For the Feral Few
6.  Breckenwood – Emergency
7.  Zer0 – Sweet Mary
8.  Skinny Cool Kid – Old Stone Wishing Well
9.  The People – Sparrow Mountain
10.  In the Presence of Wolves – Palladium
11.  The Wayside Shakeup – Tell Me When To Kiss You
12.  Amber Ladd – Away From the Sunshine
13.  The Defused – 1984
14.  Wooden HEZ – Punky Jack
15.  Cold Roses – Got No Lovin’
16.  Magnificent Birds of Prey – Wolves A Comin’
17.  E. Joseph – The Ghosts Around You
18.  Bosom Band – Evil Woman
19.  Red Letter Life – Of All the Things
20.  Joey DiTullio – Long Way From Home
21.  WaveRadio – Blue
22.  Zach Caruso – Clarity


Look for many more of these compilation albums in the future, but the only way to get Volume 1 is to contribute to our campaign today! Thank you for all of your support, and be sure to tune in every weeknight t 6pm ET to Gashouse Live for more in-studio acoustic performances, broadcast live only on Gashouse Radio!