the new radar

This Monday we introduce the new radar, our new music segment


Gashouse Live is focused on introducing you to new, independent music from around the world. Most of the new music is debuted inour segment The Radar. On Monday, we have the new radar; a slight change in the way we present the music.

Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday there are 3 rounds of The Radar; 9am, 2pm and during Gashouse Live at 6pm ET. In these half hour rounds you will hear the latest submissions to Gashouse Radio. It is important that you use our thumbs up/down buttons to let us know what you think of these songs. Your votes will determine which songs stay and get played throughout the day. Enough votes could get a song into our Top 10 Countdown (everyday at 5am and 5pm ET). Your votes also determine which songs go.

Rather than try and debut 5 or 6 six songs everyday on Gashouse Live, we are going to start introducing 8-10 bands every Monday, and giving them a chance to sink in. Songs fro these bands will play all week on the new radar, giving you plenty of chances to sample the new bands. This way, we give each band a greater opportunity for exposure, before we move on to the next submission.

Then every Friday we will tally all the votes of the week, and the band with the most votes overall will stay “on the radar” for the following week. Here’s a loo at the first round of bands on the new radar:

Wine & Spirit: These are the current “champions” of the radar. This Pittsburgh band have been on the radar for a few weeks now. They will be playing Philadelphia area on May 14th and 16th. Both shows will be at The Legendary Dobbs.

Lawrence CooleyLawrence Cooley has performed professionally since the age of 16.  He has performed in many parts the United States, Europe, and was the lead singer/guitarist of one New York’s top drawing bands “Straight Wired” for over 10 years, known for their debut at Woodstock 94. He has worked with Omnipop, STARS Productions, Total Entertainment, and many of New York’s finest agencies, musicians, and clubs.

STAGGS: STAGGS were born out of a one-off experimental remix of their own anarcho-punk track from the early 80s. The production is wholly contemporary but the anger of that era lives on in their energy, lyrical content and vocal expression. With a healthy cynicism towards British culture contained in the wealth of nostalgic samples and a bizarre smattering of French language thrown in for good measure, STAGGS give a sly “clin d’oeil” to 1970/80s Britain.

Ripcord64Ripcord_64 are a rock trio from Wexford, Ireland. Their debut album Interloper is available on Itunes now. Find them on facebook as well.

The CleanersThe Cleaners are a Blues based mix of ofbeat and growl rhythm’s. Music straight from the heart, sounds like a slice of afternoon cheesecake with a side of Gin. Enjoy the music.

Scary D and Sinister GSinister G and Scary D is a collaborative project with the lead vocalist of Bomb and Scary along with producer, D.J. Sinister G.

The Lad Classic: The Lad Classic have been in rotation for quite awhile now; particularly in our acoustic album. Today we debut a full-band version of Cadillac Jack.

The Bergamot: REVERBNATION PICK The Bergamot have been gaining fans at a rapid pace, thanks to consistent touring and a huge break this year in the form of winning a battle-of-the-bands set up by Bud Light. This Brooklyn duo have a sond that is difficult to categorize into any one genre.

The KeyTones: REVERBNATION PICK New York-based Rock and Roll band

So tune in to Gashouse Live tonight at 6pm ET for the new radar. In addition to all of this great music, In the Presence of Wolves will be stopping by the studio! They’re going to give us an update on their new album and fill us in on their plans for the summer. Tune in, and join us in chat!