top 10

Did you know that you can vote on every song you hear on Gashouse Radio? Your opinion matters! Your votes determine how often a song is played in regular rotation. If a song gets enough votes it will end up in the Top 10 Countdown (airs everyday at 5am and 5pm). At the end of each month, we tally up all the votes of that previous month and post the Top 10 on our site. Sohere are the Top 10 songs of April, as voted by our listeners:


  1. For the Feral Few – Even Man Out
  2. Ten Cigarettes – Undergun
  3. The Soul – Wine & Spirit
  4. Lost For Words – Peculiar Disco Moves
  5. Cynical – Core Critical
  6. Million Dollar Man – Kid Felix
  7. A Change of Seasons – Kenny Fame
  8. Don’t You Dare – Naelee Rae
  9. Slow Down – Plantation
  10. Been in your streets – The Statler Project


Thank you for tuning in and participating with Gashouse Live! You determined the Top 10 songs of April. Now tune in and help determine the top songs in May!