Luke Elliot
“Luke Elliot writes and performs music that has the same nostalgia of going through your parents’ record collection and finding long-forgotten treasures. His songs are flecked with inspirations from blues and rockabilly while still maintaining that pure rock feel.”
(Speak Into My Good Eye)

Piano-driven, alt/folk/rock singer-songwriter

Luke Elliot
Live at Milkboy
Tuesday, July 8

The Deli Magazine raves, “We should all pay more attention to artists like pianist Luke Elliot who isn’t old at all, but whose music references the work of powerful, ‘adult’ artists like Nick Cave, Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen.” Elliot is set to release his sophomore album Provisions (officially out 6/24),”an eccentric release that conveys simplicity through an innovative arrangement of compositions that will not only tug at your heartstrings, but also gets your feet moving…From start to finish, Elliot draws you in with his timeless style along with his ingenious delivery”
(The Aquarian).