music monday

Every week on Gashouse Radio we present some of the latest submissions. These are brand new bands to the station, and we’d like to know what you think of each of them. Simply tune in to The Radar every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. We play a round at 9am ET, 2pm and during our show Gashouse Live at 6pm.

When you hear a song you like (and that goes for anytime day/night on Gashouse) share your opinion using the thumbs up/down buttons. They are located on the left hand side under the album artwork. They’re also located above the chat room, and on the Gashouse Radio Android/iPhone apps. These votes determine how often the songs are played in rotation after their week on The Radar. Enough votes could also earn them a spot in our Top 10 Countdown (which airs everyday at 5am and 5pm ET).

Here are the bands debuting this Music Monday on The Radar:

Community Service: Philly based punk trio, made up of childhood friends who wanna play your house/bar/gazebo TODAY

THE SHOWPost-Indie (melodic, aggressive guitar rock) band from Dormont, PA. Formed 2007.

Risen Resilient: Risen Resilient is a Philadelphia-based female-fronted original rock band that formed out of the ashes of several other projects as a very happy accident founded by Philadelphia native singer/songwriter, Erin Fox.

Elu The Dust: High Energy Power Pop Band out of Orange County, CA With the distinctive Influence of Reggae & Ska.

Minus Light: A duet made up of Maxeene Davlin and Jeramy ‘Beardo’ Gritter. Beardo is from Philadelphia, PA/Los Angeles, CA while Maxeene is from suburban Thousand Oaks, CA. Maxeene sang and played bass, Beardo produced all the music, sang and played guitar, synths, and drum machines. The music can be described as Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol if they produced and made music. The bizarre mash up of these two very different artists has made for something quite unique.

WE ARE DOOMWe are an Alternative Rock Band that is unlike any other. We mix a bunch of sounds to produce awesome songs.

StonebabyStaking their claim as modern-day pulp rock minimalists, StoneBaby’s Scott Philipp (guitars/vocals) and Tony Schiavo (drums) have collaborated on a shimmering new 7-song EP, Illuminated.

Alma VerticalA diverse American/Puerto Rican Christian Rock/Alternative band that has exemplified great stamina and perseverance since 1999. The name Alma Vertical is the Spanish translation of Vertical Soul.

Elm TreasonComplex, manic, foreboding and smooth are just a small sample of the adjectives that one could muster to describe the sound resonating from this Staten Island, New York duo. They’ve been together since the Fall of 2010, originally intending to be an acoustic rock duo. However, in a relatively short period of time, they evolved from a team of mad musical basement noisemakers into a full-grown “lets-do-it-all-ourselves” musical dynamo.