$5 showcase


On Friday, July 18th we bring you another $5 Showcase at Connie’s Ric Rac, and this time we couldn’t be happier with the lineup! On this bill we have The One2’s, Only on Weekends, Wonder and Fury, The Hyde, and The Best Lies! This is going to be a ridiculous night and here’s why:


The One2’s: Formerly Big Crowd Popular and Leiana, this band merged into a shoegaze, brit-pop, punk influenced sound all their own. Their music is extremely catchy (Wide Awake gets stuck in my head for weeks at a time). This is one of the best additions to our radio station in a long time. I love their EP and on July18th we get to hear the real deal. Go to theone2s.com to check out their sound, watch a few of their well-done music videos, and sign up to the mailing list to keep up-to-date.


Wonder and Fury: Former members of Phantasm, this band started up only a year ago and they already have some great music up on their bandcamp page. Again, some of the best new tunes that have come through our station this year. It’s amazing we have both of these bands on the same bill. Go grab the EP on Bandcamp, and follow them on Facebook for more information.


The Hyde: Straight rock n’ roll is exactly what this bill needs, and so it was a no-brainer to ask The Hyde to join. High energy rock is what you can expect from their set on July 18th. We had them in studio for an acoustic session and it was fantastic. We can’t wait to see the full band in action. Get over to thehydeband.com for samples of their sound, videos, more upcoming shows (and excellent graphic design work!).


Only on Weekends: We have not seen Only on Weekends yet, and we need to get them in rotation immediately. According to everyone I’ve talked to, this is a high energy band that also writes songs that you cannot get out of your head. So we are excited to see these guys and get them into rotation asap! Go to their Bandcamp page and grab their latest EP at a name your price basis.


The Best Lies: Punk rock out of NY, The Best Lies have been playing the best possible punk rock known to the human race since 2012. You can grab their EP at a name your price basis on Bandcamp (recorded in a single 12 hour session). And look for them on Gashouse Radio very soon as well.


So as you can see this is a very strong bill. Join us for our $5 Showcase at Connie’s Ric Rac on Friday, July 18th. We will be broadcasting live starting at 6pm. We will have giveaways, drink specials, and the best music in the city; all for only $5!