discount heroes

This week’s featured band, The Discount Heroes, have a reunion show this Friday night at Connie’s Ric Rac!


The Discount Heroes are part of the Connie’s Ric Rac history. They were a great band with fun stage presence and well-written songs. Their shows felt more like parties and less like gigs. I say “were” because the Discount Heroes disbanded a few years back. The band grew from an acoustic duo to a 5 piece in just a  few short years. They managed to tour across the country, playing a few major shows along the way. St. Patty’s Day NYC Release Party at The Alphabet Lounge, Cat Club on The Sunset Strip, and they were even invited to perform as special musical guest at the Upright Citizens Brigade Comedy Theatre in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, like so many talented bands we’ve seen over the years, it eventually came time for the members to move on to other projects.


discount heroes
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This Friday, The Discount Heroes are re-emerging for an acoustic reunion show at Connie’s Ric Rac. This night is filled with Ric Rac regulars including Daniel Collins, Andrew Napoli, and James Hearne. If that weren’t enough for your Friday night, Fight the Fear will be coming down from Connecticut for a set as well.  Now we have a special Backyard Broadcast this Friday night. After that, we are bringing everyone over to Connie’s for the after-party.


So there you have half a dozen reasons to head out to Connie’s Ric Rac this Friday night. Tune in to Gashouse Radio all week to hear The Discount Heroes in heavy rotation. We’ll be starting every episode of Gashouse Live with DH track as well. Then tune in to the Backyard Broadcast Friday at 6pm ET, and meet us at Connie’s afterwards!


And while you’re anxiously waiting for Friday, why not hit the Discount Heroes Reverbnation page and pick up a free download?