Now that we are in August, let’s take a look at which songs stood out on Gashouse Radio with our list of the Top 10 Songs of July:


top 10 songs of july

1. Someone Like You – Dead:Stop

2. Hollywood – The Jawn

3. Right To Die – Midnight Mosaic 

4. When The Sky Was Falling – Dionysia

5. Ain’t No Biggie – Kenny Fame

6. Glass – Eleven 59

7. Liar & A Thief – An Honest Year

8. Lone Relative – Les Racquet

9. Find Your Way – Buffalo Sunn

10. Her Name – Overcoming Gravity


Don’t forget to vote on every song you hear on Gashouse Radio using the thumbs up/down buttons. These votes determine how often a song ends up in regular rotation. Enough thumbs up, and the song could end up n the Top 10 Countdown. Tune in everyday at 5am and 5pm ET to hear the current Top 10 Countdown as well.


These are some great bands in this list, so if you are not familiar with any, use our request page and sample some of the songs above!