Out of the Beardspace is proud to release the official live video for “Kwisatz Haderach”. Clocking in at over 7 minutes in length, Kwisatz Haderach is a piece of music that grips listeners from it’s eerie ambient beginning to the hi-speed ripping climax.

Musically, this is one of Out of the Beardspace’s most intricate pieces. Like much of the band’s music, Kwisatz Haderach has a primary composer/bandleader for the song yet was written collaboratively. Guitarist Zach LoPresti began writing parts in early 2011, when Beardspace was living together in a suburban South Jersey home. Combining ideas formed as a result of being heavily influenced by John McLaughlin and the Mahavishnu Orchestra with a series of chords written by bassist Matt O’Neil, Zach brought the piece to the band. With melodic contributions by keyboardist Sam Gutman and vocals by singer/bassist Kevin Savo, what began as a series of sections unique in their harmonic and rhythmic structure started to become a cohesive song.

The name is a reference to Frank Herbert’s classic Sci-Fi series Dune. This name was chosen as a reflection on the emotions evoked by the music. During the time it was written, guitarist Zach LoPresti was deeply immersed in Herbert’s series and felt that the dark, inquisitive, evolving nature of the piece resonated with the other-worldly Dune atmosphere. The primary, repeated lyric of the song is: “Take the palace for a ride…don’t take it out too many times”. ‘The palace’ represents the delicacies of life, the beautiful pleasures that we all too often take for granted as both individuals and a species, a concept we can all relate to.

This performance was filmed at this years’ Beardfest, the annual festival hosted by Out of the Beardfest. The band has released one other video from their two nights of festival performance and plans to produce more live videos in the near future. Catch Out of the Beardspace live this fall in Philadelphia or South Jersey and experience their enthralling performance for yourself!