Most of the new music that’s being submitted to Gashouse Radio has been exceptional, and it shows in the Top 10 Countdown. When you hear a song on Gashouse Radio, use the thumbs up/down buttons to let us know what you think of it. Enough votes and that song will end up in the Top 10 Countdown which airs everyday at 5am and 5pm ET. The daily Top 10 takes a look at votes from the past 4 days of voting. But what about the entire month? Well here are the top 10 songs of August:

top 10 songs of july

1. L.T.D. (Living the Dream) – Dead:Stop

2. Lazy Winter – Aquatic Ape Theory

3. Liar & A Thief – An Honest Year

4. Man of the Times (radio edit) – In the Presence of Wolves

5. Red Hot Mama – Jay Regan

6. By The River – Ju-Taun

7. Stranded – The Inconsiderate Bastards

8. Glass – Eleven 59

9. Something New – Could’ve Been Kings

10. The Knowledge Enterprise: With These Eyes – The Twenty Committee


Congrats to Dead:Stop for having the #1 spot 2 months in a row! If you’d like to hear any of the tracks listed above, just visit our request page. Type either the title/artist/album into the box and select the song. It will auto-queue in a few minutes! Thank you everyone for listening and participating with your votes. We’ll continue to hunt down the best new independent music we can find.