Have you ever seen East of the West live? The answer to that question is never “maybe, I think so” or “I don’t remember”. You know if you have seen East of the West live, because they always put together an unforgettable show. Whenever this Philadelphia band is on a bill, expect the unexpected. Expect more than just a band paying a dozen songs. Expect a show complete with costumes, storyline, and a ton of energy.


east of the westBecause so much time, money, and effort are put into each performance, East of the West do not play very many shows each year. So if you have a chance to go see this band, take it. You have a chance this Friday at Connie’s Ric Rac for the DVT Holiday Bash. East of the West will be performing, and rumor has it that this time we may see some superheroes and villains. This is a great night to go see East of the West for a couple different reasons:

  1. The lineup is crazy. Not only are East of the West playing, but also Rowboat Casino, Zymotic Flow, In the Presence of Wolves, Wild Adriatic, The Riverside Odds and Joey DiTullio. That is one hell of a lineup, and it’s only $5 to get in!
  2. This is an EMERGE Showcase meaning that 2 of these bands could be headed to Sundance Film Festival in January to perform at the Emerge Lounge. This is a big opportunity for any band performing, and so you know everyone will be bringing their ‘A’game to the stage.

So tune in all this week to hear East of the West in heavy rotation. We’ll start every episode of Gashouse Live this week with a track from the band. Also, you can go to their Bandcamp page and download every recorded song they have for free. While the tracks are great, you really need to see this band live to know what East of the West are all about and you have a chance to do that this Friday at Connie’s Ric Rac!