marc platt

If you are a regular listener of Gashouse Radio, then you may have heard a few of Marc Platt’s audio notebooks. These are short, 1-2 minute bits that play throughout the day that are filled with trivia about classic albums in rock history. They spawned from Marc Platt’s upcoming audio books available through Well those short audio notebooks are evolving into Marc Platt’s radio show, and it’s coming to Gashouse in January! Every Monday night at 10pm ET, tune in to Marc Platt’s “Best of the Best” right here on Gashouse Radio.


“Best of the Best” is a weekly one-hour music program that plays the best music new and old with a historical perspective. The show is hosted by Rock Music Historian Marc Platt and it will cover the full spectrum of Popular Music worldwide.


Some shows Marc will actually deconstruct entire albums (I’ve already heard the Dark Side of the Moon episode and it’s fantastic). You get some great music, and a little bit of knowledge behind as well. Marc Platt has a wealth of knowledge in the school of rock n’ roll and every Monday night at 10pm on Gashouse Radio he’ll be sharing that knowledge with you.


So make sure you tune in to Marc Platt’s Best of the Best. And look for Marc’s audio book, How the Beatles Did It, coming very soon!