amber ladd - heart

Amber Ladd has been back in the studio, and this February she will be releasing her 4th studio album; HEARt


Last year we were a part of her last release, eleKtro, and it was a very successful album. Each time Amber Ladd puts together a project, it is a unique evolution from the previous. We are really excited to hear what she has in store. The album is complete, she just needs a little help getting it mastered. From Amber Ladd’s Rockethub Campaign:

I’m more than excited to announce that my new full-length album, “HEARt,” will be released this Valentine’s Day. As I’m managing to keep the costs down considerably for this project, I’m going to run my fundraiser differently than I have in the past.


In order to raise funds for mastering and some small recording costs, I am asking for donations. $10 dollars is the suggested amount, but you can give whatever you wish. At the end of this fundraiser, Friday, February 13th (oooo) at 11pm, ALL contributors will receive digital copies of the album. That’s it! You will be the first to hear the new music, as it will not be posted anywhere.


(Make sure the e-mail you provide is the one at which you’d like to receive the download!)
I really appreciate your past and present help, which has allowed me to create and to continue to create. This project is truly special. As usual, your support means everything to me!! I am thanking you with my whole heart, in advance.



Buckets of Love,

Amber Ladd
P.S. Please note that every single cent raised over and above my goal amount will be put back into my music, and bringing it to you. <3