Going to the Sun

I like most of this a lot. There is one song I really can’t stand, though. Some of the others aren’t as strong as some of the rest.

I love the energy and the driving beat on “New Year.” It is an entertaining song. It’s the kind of thing that really fits on the radio. They come in with a bit of a classic rock and roll sound on “Alone in the Same Room.” The energy and charm of the opener is maintained, too. This is another winner for sure.

“Halfway Around the World” doesn’t have the energy we’ve gotten used to. It’s not as good, either. It’s kind of country ballad, but it gets more fire later. I like the beat of “Never Get Over You.” It’s got enough energy to keep it going strong.

Although “So Separate” is pretty, it’s too slow and too long. A lot of “Our Hearts Keeping On” is mellow. It’s better than the last song, though. This is definitely the kind of thing that would be at home on the radio, but in a good way. I like “Out of the Night” a lot, too. It’s got energy and strong melodies.

I wish they’d left “Lying In Green Pastures” off. The stripped back arrangement is paired with the least effective vocal performance of the disc. The two together are a recipe for disaster. On “Autumn Turning Over” the singer says that the beat inside his heart makes him feel like moving. The beat driving this song might make a lot of people that way. It’s a great way to end back on track


– Diane Hill